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RMOGRL8120 (Gabriele Romei), mixed media painting on paper, Italy, 2018


Abstract, modular sculpture in reconstructed Carrara marble by Angus Ogilvie, Italy, 2021. "Ogilvie seeks to remove the idea of authorship from the work, the content coming from the form and process. Constructing a set of geometric proportions and then generating variations within these parameters often presenting


Vinicio Venturi, Four Figures in a Cage. Abstract sculptures in pigmented plaster, in a metal frame, Italy, 2022.


Paolo Racagni (Ravenna 1948 -), "Acanto, abstract mosaic in stone, created in 1999 for the personal exhibition "Guardaroba d'Autunno".


Dominic McHenry "Carousel", abstract sculpture in laminated sapele wood, UK, 2022 The artist (born 1989) is a British sculptor living and working in Camberwell, London. His work focuses on geometric forms and repeating patterns. The geometry of the sculptures takes president over the material; The form