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A true masterpiece of handicraft: the basic, simple design of this sideboard is enriched by the decoration of the front and the sides. Each single slat is individually cut, painted and fixed into the wooden structure. The door knobs are four bronze reliefs by Arnaldo Pomodoro;


Console in wrought iron, top in Gold-Gray Invisible marble, Italy, 2020. The console is hand made and therefore each piece is absolutely unique.


"Errore umano", Mauro Patrini, mixed media painting on board, Italy, 2009

Side Table

Side table in massive bronze and marble. The table is hand made and therefore absolutely unique. Different sorts of marble can be chosen. Each top circle has a diameter of cm 39.

Table Lamp

Table lamp in gray and pink concrete, plaster, wood, Italy 2020. The lamp is hand made and therefore absolutely unique. The shade is in white linen.


Sculptural vase in cerulean blue glazed ceramic, Italy, 2020


Sculptural vase in partly glazed, natural colour ceramic, Italy, 2020.


Console in black, oven painted iron, brass details and top in Sahara Noir marble, Italy, 2020


Huge sculptural, glazed ceramic vase with geometric motif, hand painted, Italy, 2020


Sculptural vase in glazed ceramic, hand painted, Italy, 2020.